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A sartorial response to London street culture and the zeitgeist of Britain’s working class, 25 year old Samuel Ross launched A-Cold-Wall* in the fall of 2015 to reflect hegemonic disparities and youth expression in contemporary fashion.

The directional aesthetic of Ross’ luxury menswear is informed by his studies in both graphic design & contemporary illustration, commercial product design & advertising agency experience – before his 3 year creative assistant role alongside Off-White’s Virgil Abloh, which carried far beyond garments & into the wider category of ‘the arts’, including stage design – retail installations and artistic film for many known contemporary artists in both music & fashion.

His distinctly multidisciplinary vision is present in handcrafted graphic garments and reversible French terry staples hooded jackets, whilst developing new sensibilities incorporating technical nylons & new reductive techniques – whilst blurring the line between ‘materials & ‘fabrics’. A-Cold-Wall* is the curated product of unconventional tailoring and streamlined design.