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What Can You Do With a Tee?

Mon 19 Apr

Colville’s Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers know how to make something from nothing. Their latest project, a series of community-sourced blankets, saw the designers put out an open call for knitters more than one year ago. After getting enough submissions to stitch together five blankets, the pair auctioned them at Sotheby’s to benefit CADMI, a Milanese safe haven for women subjected to domestic abuse. The duo’s ready-to-wear collections use a similar mindset: Using what we can make together to create poignant, of-the-moment clothing.

When asked to create a new garment or accessory from a tee, Molloy was quick to agree: “That sounds great!” she wrote us. With her studio team in Milan, Molloy crafted a triptych tee, made from three old T-shirts that weren’t getting enough love. Cut up and pieced together, the resulting tee hits notes from the fall 2021 runways, sorta punkish and with a focus on collage. But the best part might be that in cutting up three old tees, you can make two new ones. All the better to share with your own community of crafters and friends.