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Is Coperni’s New Campaign the Future of Fashion Technology?

Tue 4 May

Coperni has long been one of the very few fashion labels in Paris to push the envelope when it comes to technology. From the way stage their mixed media shows to the technical materials incorporated in their collections, the brand continues to find new ways to tell stories through a variety of mediums.

Its Spring 2021 video campaign is perhaps the most tech-driven project yet for Sebastian Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the duo behind Coperni. Using extended reality (XR) technology that combines virtual (AR, VR and MR) and real-world elements (it’s the same technology that was first used for Disney’s Mandalorian series), the designers worked closely with gaming software companies to create an animated 3D world using special camera tracking.

In the vertigo-inducing video, models are seen balancing and lounging on metal beams suspended dangerously high above a giant unknown cityscape filled with skyscrapers. (“It has orange Blade Runner sun vibe,” the designers told PAPER.) In fitting with the tech-heavy theme, the aerodynamic clothes they’re wearing from Spring 2021’s “Ready-to-Care” collection are made with anti-bacterial, UV ray protection and rain-resistant properties.