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Jerry Lorenzo: ‘We are moving into a timeless area…’

Fri 6 Mar

Fear Of God x Ermenegildo Zegna was unveiled during Paris Fashion Week and is the brainchild of both Lorenzo and the Milanese tailoring megalith’s artistic director Alessandro Sartori.

“We met just under two years ago and we kind of fell in love with each other,” explains Lorenzo. “Despite our differences regarding where we sit in the marketplace, we share so many core values and understandings of the men’s market and we both knew where the gap was and where we needed to penetrate. We are moving into a timeless era and fashion is heavily considered and elevated, but the term ‘formal’ is still terrifying – there’s a gap there,” he continues, before Sartori jumps in: “We wanted to do something very honest and right for the market at the moment.”