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Georgie’s Review: Published By SS21

Thu 9 Jul

Arguably, accessories brand Published By have had an upper hand this season. While lockdown has pushed a lot of designers into unknown territory, for Christoph Tsetinis - creative director and founder of the brand - working digitally is his raison d’être. Case in point, this season, for the very first time, every sculptural accessory was crafted entirely through the realm of digital.

State of the art 3D Modelling has meant that the Published By team can render their sculptural, almost boulder-like, 3D printed bags and accessories entirely through the screen. This is mighty impressive, not least because Christoph’s team have been using the type of prototyping programs that you would normally find in blockbuster Hollywood productions, but because it creates a much more efficient and sustainable way of designing and working. Supply and demand at its best.

While designed digitally, remarkably there is still an explicit feeling of craft and attention to detail. The architectural jewellery in particular, beautiful necklaces, rings and brooches, feel as though they've been plucked from nature, as if precious stones coated in mirrored silver. Published by has always been abstract, modern and unique, but now with each piece made to order these items are just that bit more exceptional.