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Thu 1 Oct

Mirroring the menswear film, Glenn Martens brought back the ‘How to Wear’ tutorial video for Y/Project Womenswear SS21. It’s brilliantly tongue-in-cheek, much like the brand itself, and riffs of the fact that Y/Project is so fantastically adjustable and unorthodox that some find the pieces difficult to comprehend.

As ever with Martens it’s how you wear it, these clothes might daunt some but actually, they are inviting you to have fun and to play. There is no wrong answer in the world of Y/Project and isn’t that what we’re all in need of? A bit of joy in the everyday? Why not buy a faux leather trench that makes you giggle as you try to put it on? Why not a baby blue blazer that has an over-the-top button cover, or an organza octopus-like dress? It’s all delightfully off-kilter and invitingly good.

This, much like the men's, was a slightly more condensed collection to the usual runway showings. It was almost a greatest hits of Y/Project loves. Operatic ruffle shoe, deep-V trompe l’oeil jeans, rushed body, topsy-turvy jumper - all popular staples in the Martens' arsenal. New additions were the raunchy leg-revealing sarong skirts and twists on the tailoring that added a touch of glam to the whole performance. A recurring theme of fashion in the pandemic thus far has been to stick to the brand codes, and in Martens' case, it was a happy recurrence.