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Mon 13 Jul

As most this digital fashion week, the S/S 21 White Mountaineering collection was presented through film, with music and direction by Rhizomatiks. Showing a walking runway of sorts, the film showcased the new collection in motion, with engaging animations of clothing patterns floating or highlighting as the models walked. This was a rather clever trick as it reminded the viewer that these items have been created and crafted with performance in mind, but also that these pieces are more than just clothes for outdoors, they are fashion-forward too. After 10 years out of action, BLK, a segment of White Mountaineering, was revived this season, opening the digital show with utilitarian all black looks. These all black garments were modern and technology driven, their wash of one colour allowing the eye to focus on the details and fabrications. The silhouette in this segment was particularly strong, with long and smooth lines cutting sharp shadows.

While form and function are of course paramount with a White Mountaineering collection, there were many details that added flair to practical pieces. Curved hems, seamless stitching, relaxed silhouette, tapered leg, check-like digital prints and tie-dye-esque camouflage added an enjoyable edge amongst the performance fabrications.  Layered styling aided in the success of this collection too, with pops of colour underneath collars and shirts that seemingly smooth into shorts bringing these pieces into every day wear. Hoods that protrude from Goretex jacket and zips that reveal a little splash of pattern, further bring together design utility with daily life. Seasonless and eschewing trends, this collection feels decidedly authoritative and perfectly embodies the brand’s ethos, a great example of design, utility and technology.