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Sat 19 Sep

‘Buy less, dress up, swap clothes,’ says Westwood. We're encouraged to mix seasons and eschew traditional schedules as Westwood is now aiming to only show once a year. It's no secret that Westwood has been urging us to consciously shop and behave sustainably for years, which had admittedly felt at odds with her annual show productions. Now, Westwood sets a positive precedent with her actions and garments.

Her film presentation was a strong example of what Westwood does best. Excellent casting – make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench and activist and poet Kai Isiah Jamal to name but two – embodied the cut-and-paste rebellious energy of the brand whilst still feeling preened and polished.

There was a medley of Westwood signatures - giant pin-stripes, pearls, pockets, sharp tailoring and button-up or button-down wares - that were layered and styled in such a way that they seemed timeless, season-less and interchangeable. It was quintessentially Westwood and yet of the moment. The presentation overall was pleasantly engaging also. One can sometimes feel overwhelmed by powerful statements and political information at a Westwood show, while all of what is said is valid and important news, the point can get lost in the rapid-fire. This film is digestible, simple, and will inspire and encourage shoppers to buy timeless and flexible Westwood pieces that last.