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Fri 17 Jul

The duo behind Vee Collective, Claus Patrick Löwe and Lili Radu, are wizards at creating bags that fit a multitude of requirements. Their geometrical accessories are fashionable yet functional, lightweight yet durable, focused but still versatile. Deceptively minimal, the bags are easy, 360-degree pieces for all, anytime.

Their S/S 21 collection is a bolt of energy, as neon and electric blues dominate the palette. These beacon-like bag, brilliantly stand out against the matte and glossy classic black colours. Inspired by none other than electronic band Daft Punk, Vee Collective’s latest collection of signature bags is wonderfully optimistic. More colourways in metallic bronze and silver seem to nod to Daft Punk’s signature helmet-sporting look, while bright stripes capture the musical duo’s discography and DJ set aesthetics. The Vee Collective look often feels quite futuristic, in part due to the graphic stitching, but this latest collection is futuristic in an idealistic way: it looks to the future with optimism and a buoyant attitude. A welcome high energy accessories collection that beams through the pandemic’s foggy feel.