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Sat 26 Sep

Sindiso Khumalo has been on the fashion pack's radar ever since her LVMH Prize nomination last year. Her designs are textile focused and her architecture degree shines through in her work's definitive lines and curves.

There's always an element of story-telling in what Khumalo creates, it's part of what makes her fashion come to life. For SS21, Khumalo presented a visually arresting ode to the iconically brave woman who saved so many slaves from the deep South, Harriet Tubman. There's sustainability and craft too. Jackets in this collection, which felt both traditional and youthful, were handwoven and with hand crochet pocket details, as part of Khumalo's initiative to help women get out of homelessness in Cape Town.

The candy pink colours, peppermint stripes and bib-like necklines all nodded to Tubman's childhood and her nickname of 'Minty', while the feminine silhouettes and knitted pieces were quintessentially Khumalo. This was a beautiful ode to an incredible woman created by a designer whose passion for people, craft and history goes above and beyond.