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Tue 29 Sep

Last time we saw an S.R. Studio. LA. CA. collection was for S/S 20, where Sterling Ruby debuted to much applause. Back then, the artist hinted that it was a ‘one-time thing’ despite his newfound love for the medium. So, here we are more than a year later with 'Veil' Ruby's next instalment.

This film could just have easily been an artist's visual piece, for there was a singular model, a singular frame and the eye focused on the singular look. That one look was distressed denim, Ruby's signature, and stitched into a wide American flag - a motif of Ruby's artwork.

Short and to the point, this film was created in support of the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union, a non-profit that preserves individual rights and liberties. While it would have been brilliant to see a full collection from the artist, this politically charged piece was worth a fashion week schedule slot.