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Thu 16 Jul

Founded by Desiree Kleinen, Ree Projects is an accessories brand that aims to redefine luxury, while being as sustainable as possible. In uncertain times, it's a clever move for Kleinen to release a collection called ‘Timeless Pieces C/O’; It’s clever because it hints at classic pieces that, no matter what is going on in the world, people will still want, but also because the word timeless, it itself implies a level of sustainability. Ree Projects offer perfect pieces for those wanting to change their buying attitude, pieces to buy that last the test of time as opposed to seasonal trends.

Oh, and Kleinen’s pieces will last. Designed in Amsterdam and then crafted in Italy, each of Ree Projects accessories are hand-made with premium Italian calf-leather. That’s a luxury that Ree Projects presents too, a luxury that takes time, that takes meticulous craft. The collection is created from the gut, don’t be misled by the crisp shapes and time-honoured tones of black, caramel and cream, there is an energy behind the collection, an empowering fire even. This collection also features a capsule collaboration with South African artist Lulama Wolf, whose work explores the human condition and African diaspora. Her beautiful painterly pieces lend themselves perfectly to the structure of Ree Projects’ bags, particularly the Helene shape. This is a classic collection of fine leather goods that goes above the normal accessory brand’s raison d'êtrein ideas and craft.