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Tue 14 Jul

The global pandemic has been incredibly tough on a lot of businesses, luxury accessories and clothing brand Rebecca Minkoff included, but Minkoff has cleverly adapted and adjusted the way she does business to encourage new growth. Now, Minkoff is focusing on engaging with consumers, talking about what the client wants exactly, how can they feel nurtured? What colours do they like?

In steps the current season’s styles, which, carryover styles for the majority, are exactly what the consumer has been requesting. The Love too micro bag for example, looks tactile and glamorous styled as a layerable pair with heels and a perforated dress. The clip saddle bag too, looks robust with Minkoff’s sheeny leather shearling jacket, both in matching tones of brown. There are moments of party dress throughout this collection too, as leopard printed trousers and shirts, diamanté earrings and bold graphic clutches hint to special celebrations that we hope will arrive later in the year. A suede, fringed boho bag, styled with grown-up prairie dress adds a bohemian vibe to the collection, while crisp, snakeskin cross-body bags and leather skirt and trouser feel a bit more city-slick. There’s something for everyone here, no doubt testament to Minkoff’s clever new customer-facing approach.