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Tue 14 Jul

Perks and Mini founders, Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach, are on a mission to spread positivity. Yes, we could dwell on the dark times that 2020 has presented thus far, or like the design duo at P.A.M we can spread joy with positive messages. P.A.M’s collection for S/S 21 is an extension of the brand’s ‘positive message portal’ which sees creatives from all over bring ideas, passion projects and fun to one succinct community-like space.

Created in collaboration with L.A artist Cali Thornhill-Dewitt (whose work you may recognise from Kanye West’s Life of Pablo merchandise), P.A.M’s collection brings their digital positivity into the real world. T-shirts, caps, jumpers and large tote bags are all emblazoned with the artwork or key phrases from those who contributed to the positive message portal. Artist Matt Werth’s illustrations are particularly strong on t-shirts, while Kiki Kudo’s Watermelon Pickles recipe makes for a grin-inducing slogan on water bottle and bag alike.

The collection is about doing good as well as feeling good and as such, the t-shirts and hooded sweats are socially and environmentally conscious. Both are created with recycled cotton by EcoLife, whose factories are 75% solar powered. A bit of brightness in dark times, this collection will undoubtedly spark some joy within the wearer.