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Wed 30 Sep

Weird, wild, wonderful, wacky. That’s Ottolinger SS21. In their film this season, smoke rises from the floor, lasers dart from eyes and things twist and turn before we can stop to focus. It’s a brilliant alien superhero fantasy that echoes the brand’s globular bags and multi-strap dresses.

Those dresses have become a bit of a sensation of late as fashion-forward celebrities, think Barbie Ferreira and Dua Lipa, have been sporting Ottolinger’s collection across social media. It seems that the design duo has taken this on board as this collection had a lot of Instagrammable looks. Statement foamy sandals, sheer beaded two pieces and woven baskets in particular.

Their signature flared slim-line trousers and cut-out dresses were here rendered in bright yellow and soft pinks, their wonderful tailoring now adjustable, soft trousers now dipped in sunset ombre. Despite the superhero augmented reality utilised in the film, this collection was soft and inviting: sheer knits and striped woollen cycling shorts made sure of that. While celebrities are a fan, I feel that Ottolinger Is still seriously underrated. One hopes that this phygital schedule will work in their favour and more will discover their brilliant work.