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Thu 24 Sep

Alessandro Dell’Acqua, No21’s creative director, had brought a sense of normality back to the schedule. For, besides the socially distanced seating, this was a familiar affair. The Garage Ventuno set, the house signatures, the finale walk - all a welcome reminder of pre-pandemic fashion.

There were elements of party in this collection that hinted at celebrations missed this summer; feathered skirts, patent leathers and asymmetric necklines but these were juxtaposed by the relaxed hooded jumpers, flannel shirting and cable knits that have rocketed in sales of late. Both were best when combined in a singular look.

Colours waned from white to soft grey, purple to black in playful textures with midriffs being a key focus on silhouette. Crop tops on both male and female models added a youthful edge to some of the tailored pieces, whilst sequins and sheer organzas added opulence to the everyday. Arguably, this collection might have felt a bit too familiar. The sense of normality was certainly comforting and pleasing to the eye but given all that has transpired this past year, one had hoped for a little more awareness and adventure.