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Sun 27 Sep

What a presentation! This season, MM6 presented an innovative, engaging film that saw the house codes of the brand - tromp l'oeil, shirting and artistic references, come through in film direction.

Filmed in a continuous loop, one of many this season so far, models walked, danced and tapped as the camera followed. Optical illusions were aplomb as photographic backgrounds became flowing shirting, one look became two, sets metamorphosed.

Signature styles, such as the Margiela lab coat and the leather jacket were revamped into surprisingly classic looks, although one assumes there are tricks and turns to the pieces up close. The boots and shoes too were reinventions of house signatures, the knee-high boots, in particular, were great. This was one of those presentations that will be referenced again and again, but, fantastic film aside, this collection was one of the brand's best.