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Fri 10 Jul

This isolation we have all been thrust into isn’t the most enjoyable at the best of times, it can be hard to keep optimistic when locked at home for so long. Womenswear designer Markus Lupfer has taken the best of a bad situation and created a sunny and optimistic pre-collection with pieces found in his treasure box at his studio.

Using fragments and snippets that would have otherwise been left behind, Lupfer has created these whimsical and light-hearted one-off pieces that work so well. Mostly t-shirts and jumpers, the pieces are smattered with symbols we know and love from Lupfer. Torn giant lips across a t-shirt's chest, embroidered swans, trompe l’oiel ruffles and pockets and glittery bees. All somehow nostalgic and new at once.

Lupfer had also been seeking solace in the garden, finding rest bite from the news and trauma of the world amongst nature. Much of this collection’s palette resembles Lupfer’s gardening, with pops of pink, red, mint and honey featured across his casual tees. By keeping to specific pieces and crafting from recycled treasures, this pre-collection exists outside of the usual seasons, and for good reason. Lupfer is actively trying to step away from the conventional ideas of fashion shows and seasons and this cheerful capsule is certainly the right way to go about doing it.