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Tue 15 Sep

Maisie Wilen is a name that you might not instantly recognise but one that, after this season is up, you will indefinitely have embedded to memory. Supported by Kanye West, Maisie Wilen (real name Maisie Schloss) has rocketed in popularity in part due to her VIP clients - of course, Kim Kardashian a key player - but also because of her innovative prints, fabrications and of-the-moment stylings.

For SS21, Schloss brought all of these qualities and more with a look-book that tricked the eye at every turn. Schloss adapted for the pandemic and as such, presented a collection brilliantly tailored to suit the screen. So many of us view the world through a static image - our trends, our influencers, our news - it's serendipitous that this collection should tailor to such.

Sheeny, metallic textures dominated the collection in lime greens, soft pinks and silvers, so tactile they seem to make a crunch and crackle noise through the screen. These were a delightful contrast to the form-fitting silk dresses and super mini-skirts. Schloss’ signature body-con cutouts are this season rendered in arresting optical illusion prints, a nod to this collection’s overarching theme, while the checkerboard patterns appeared almost tromp l’oeil. An engaging presentation for her first time on the CFDA schedule, Maisie Wilen is no doubt one to watch.