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Tue 22 Sep

20-years of Fashion East can you believe it? So many greats have walked the halls, and runways, of Fashion East over the years. For a long time, Fashion East has been a golden ticket to greatness for young designers and brands.

This season, in celebration of two decades of brilliant creativity, Fashion East showcased a film that highlighted the energy the collective still holds and the four designers for this season: Maximilian, Nensi Dojaka, Goom Hao and Saul Nash. Each presented a snippet of film, much like they would on the runway, starting with newcomer Maximilian whose work was an instantly powerful hit.

Based on the roots of carnival, Maximilian’s debut saw flesh exposed with slashes, deep V necklines and whip-sharp tailoring to create sumptuous elegance. Elegant too was Nensi Dojaka's collection, which layered different weighted fabrics, and various exposed straps, into a delightful delicate but tough dichotomy.

Goom Hao’s surreal sportswear was animated, as ever, by engaging styling and brilliant technical pieces. It was a joy to watch. Saul Nash closed the film with a panoramic performance atop British hills proving that his mature designs are ready to graduate from the school of Lulu Kennedy. Four different engaging designers that perfectly represent 20-years of an incredible institution.