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Sun 4 Oct

‘The following has been inspired by real women regardless of their sizes, colours or shapes.’ says Ester Manas’ film introduction. This, for those who don’t know Ester Manas, is the brand’s raison d’être, it’s why everything they create is inclusive, one-size and refreshingly honest.

The presentation showed just how progressive Manas’ designs are. Longline coats, brightly printed belted two-pieces, boxy safari shirts and ruffled ruched dresses were all fluid, malleable and most importantly, beautiful. There was a great balance between masculine silhouette and form-fitting feminine shapes, catering to all tastes while feeling cohesive and conscious. Leather bags were a new addition this season, appearing in heart shapes and renderings of the Manas logo, and added a pop of luxury to the cascading frills and logo t-shirts.

The one-size design of these pieces not only means that any woman can wear and love them, it also means each piece will last a lifetime, as the garment allows for our bodies to change as we age or grow. Oh, and the collection is 80% up-cycled too. Sensual, sustainable, functional. This season’s sci-fi animations hinted that Manas knows their way of working is the future and indeed, it certainly should be.