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Sat 11 Jul

In such times of uncertainty, naturally we look for comfort and pleasure in all we can. For their Pre-Spring 21 collection, Enföld have done the same, creating looks for those working from home in bright, optimistic tones. Pleated dress shirting and cropped formal jackets with sweatshirt sleeve seem to tailor to the Zoom call clan who are firmly in the ‘business up top, party on the bottom’ camp, while ruffles trims on sleeve, frilled details and mermaid hemlines are explicitly feminine.

The name Enföld itself means ‘wrapping’ and ‘embracing’, and indeed this collection is easily layered. Shirts, floor-length skirts and waistcoats are all buildable and interchangeable, allowing the customer to curate their smart-casual look. Oversized buttons on both collar and blazer embody the brand’s signature quirks, as does the stiff pigtail hair and smudged rose lip. Both sweet and odd, Enföld’s Pre-Spring collection is a great seasonless edit for those forlorn in lockdown.