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Tue 14 Jul

Each season, Artistic Director of Dior Men’s, Kim Jones, brings an artist into the fold, collaborating with them and featuring their works throughout the collection. This season, Jones has spun this idea on its head and instead has dedicated the S/S 21 Dior collection to Ghanian artist Amoako Boafo. Boafo made his Art Basel debut last year, his exploration of male blackness sending waves through the one-to-watch lists.

Jones was first introduced to Boafo’s work around the time of Dior’s pre-fall 2020 show in Miami and instantly connected to the artist’s visceral portraits. Africa has long-inspired Jones, he grew up all over the continent that he still visits regularly, and this is his long-standing passion for African artistry coming to fruition. There is a deeply personal feel throughout this collection, more so than usual, as Jones’ connection and adoration of Boafo and his work is tangible throughout.

The collection began with an ivy pattern. Boafo’s piece ‘Green Beret’ features a character wearing an ivy print shirt and a similar design present within the Dior womenswear archive. This beautifully effeminate print, and other flora and fauna inspired ones, feature throughout the collection, on tactile embroidered jumpers, layered sheer shirts and wonderful scarf-tie shirts.

There are moments of sportswear in the light, bright and fresh neon accents, as well as the return of the Dior logo on trainers, socks and undershirts. There are also notes of the haute couture ideas that Jones has been exploring for the past two seasons; cummerbunds in particular, but also the moiré puffball jackets. The same could be said for Boafo’s portraits, which, hand-painted or embroidered onto jumpers, are sublime. There is also a rather romantic connection between Boafo’s use of fingers as his tools and the savoir-faire Jones likes to reference. Both are intimate and incredible detailed but still free and loose – just like the collection.

It’s another effortless collection from Jones at Dior. From the decadent tailoring, to the laid-back styling of scrunched sleeves, this collection captures the ever-challenging equilibrium between sportswear and indulgent luxury while celebrating a remarkable artist.