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Tue 29 Sep

Set atop the Montparnasse Tower in Paris, Coperni showed one of, if not the, highest show ever to be staged at Paris Fashion Week. Quite a sizeable feat, but then again so was this collection.

Coperni, so titled after Copernicus, has always had one foot in the sci-fi and tech department. They’ve shown at the Apple Store on the Champs-Élysées, both creative directors are self-professed geeks, their designs often feature surprising technological elements. For SS21, it was technical design and sci-fi aplomb. The opening look, for instance, worn by Edie Campbell, was a slick white tailored two-piece in a 'virus-proof' anti-bacterial fabrications.

Another nod to their space-age obsession was the introduction of the 'Bluetooth' bag. Modelled after the logo, these came in a minty medical green and black. The bags' sharp triangular shape could be seen replicated in necklines on slim-fit dresses and shirting, as well as on the cross-ties of silky skirting. There was menswear too, seen best in flowing open short-sleeve shirt and shorts with grid-like shapes.

As ever, the Coperni slimline tailoring was impeccably slick, this, as well as the linear shapes and tactile honey-comb textures,  secured this as their most established collection yet.