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Sat 19 Sep

Colville is, quite frankly, achingly cool. This is in part because the two minds behind it, Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers are clued up on great fashion that in-explicitly challenges the norm but also because they have styling panache and put innovative, conscious fabrications first and foremost.

Their SS21 collection, for example, saw compact crochets, recycled eiderdown and knits pack a punch in Colville’s signature bright hues. The fabrics bring the belted dresses, shawls and jackets to life but they also highlight the artisanal elements in the collection. Collectives from all over the globe have been sourced to create and craft. That’s one of the key successes from Colville, there is always a meeting of minds and many hands have touched these instinctive pieces.

This collection, in particular, was quite overtly feminine for a typical Colville collection. There are often sporty shapes - see those up-cycled trainers and track pants – and loose, flowing silhouettes – see the kaftan shapes and long-line fringing - but for this collection, things felt slightly more regal, more effeminate. Dramatically large gilded earrings, cinched waists and a-line skirts in particular. This collection and indeed the authentic and forward-thinking manner in which Colville work, indisputably puts them on top.