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Tue 22 Sep

Each of us dealt with the lockdown period in different ways, some of us baked banana bread, some of us took up crochet, some of us barely left the sofa. Christopher Kane, the giver of all things More Joy and More Sex (very much needed in today's world) had been painting with his favourite childhood material, glitter.

By glitter glueing and painting portraits of his friends and family, or 'Brats' as he calls the collective, Kane found a meditative practice that reignited his creativity. These vibrant and joyful paintings made their way onto garments for SS21; the painterly strokes and tactile globs of glitter oozing on high-neck dress, A-line skirt and boots.

A concise edit (particularly compared to the gargantuan shows of previous seasons) this collection had all the fond attributes of a Kane show. It was a little bit gaudy but in the most inviting way, it was nostalgic and feminine with a punk-ish edge. As ever, this Kane collection was an emblem of positivity and felt like the right collection at the right time.