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Thu 1 Oct

At first glance, this presentation seems a little at odds with the global pandemic. The viewer voyeuristically watches as models walk amongst the streets surrounding the Palais de Tokyo, shimmying through crowds of photographers and talking and walking with peers. Models artfully flashed mini bags and dramatic bracelets towards the viewer as if unaware of the onlooking cameras, adjusting their sleeve and reaching for their phone. Perhaps it was because of the triptych screen division, the show looked more frenetic than it was, but nonetheless, the imagery of crowds and busy spaces was an odd one to see.

What is pleasing to the eye is seeing models walk, interact and smile. It brought a new life to the clothes, as we see them worn not by mannequins but by girls and women. As too did the surprising faces walking the show, singer Caroline Polachek and actress Sofia Boutella to name two.

The clothes themselves were soft, light and perfectly styled for spring-time in Paris. Light floral printed camisole dresses, soft knits atop straight-line shorts and tightly belted waists were feminine and prim. Preppy styles - blazers, sharp shirt collars, triple-layered belts and wide-leg trousers - were in keeping with the brand’s signatures but here with a fresh twist. Commercially sound, this was a welcome signature collection for Chloé.