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Wed 16 Sep

There is something inherently joyous about Cara Cara. It is perhaps their ability to bottle a holiday in their poplin dresses, perhaps it's the infectious optimism that ekes from the three co-founders - Julia Brown, Katie Hobbs and Sasha Martin - when they talk about the brand, or perhaps it's that Cara Cara is a strong, women-led business. All delightful, all inspiring, all smile-inducing.

For SS21, Cara Cara's forever holiday themes have been given a new lease of life post-pandemic. The trio had been thinking of how nature survives and even thrives in confined spaces, just as we all had to, over the past few months. Their colour-rich prints are reflective of this, with nods to a garden trellis and tropical foliage beautifully rendered on the brand's signature flowing skirts and dresses.

There's a calming and casual aura over this collection too, while undoubtedly glamorous, one feels that this collection has been created with the invitation that anyone can wear these items in any circumstance. That's the power of the brand's expert tailoring and pattern-cutting, it fits exceptionally well, lasts a lifetime, and is a slice of joy for you to wear when you need it most.