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Wed 23 Sep

For SS21, Bianca Saunders continues her exploration into Black masculinity with an enrapturing film. Having previously shown through presentations or installations, this was the first film from Saunders and it was a brilliant study into the archetypal male.

Men danced, drank and sported fantastic heels - a continuation from last season - and moved in Saunders’ new venture into proportions. Saunders two key collaborators returned this season, with styling from Karen Binns and choreography from Saul Nash. The cuts were fantastic, as too was the collaboration with Wrangler, some brilliant denim two-pieces shown as the result.

Entitled ‘The Ideal Man’, Saunders’ collection spotlighted her male characters with soft vests, her signature ruched t-shirts and twisted trouser. All brilliant. Saunders repeatedly wows with her tailoring, silhouette and erudite referencing. Her most mature and developed collection yet? I believe so.