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Thu 1 Oct

The concept of home has been in constant flux this year, many have had to transform their home into nurseries, into offices, into a place to stay safe. This was Anrealage’s Kunihiko Morinaga’s jumping-off point this season, as the collection channelled the idea of taking home with us as we travel, exploring whether the security and safety of home can come with us in our garments. The Anrealage collection showed both literal and emotive answers to this with a series of tents that transformed into garments, or vice versa.

Not just pitch-up in the back garden tents mind you, these were spherical, cubed, octagonal structures that stood as if bright lights at the foot of Mount Fuji. You never know whether the mountain will reveal itself and as such there was something quite tribal and spiritual about their placement with the models ribboning between them.

There's also a hard and soft dichotomy within this collection. Where the strong structures stand, the dress and garment versions fell and flowed. The bright neons too were both an optimistic palette and a glow-in-the-dark warning light. There were also antibacterial and antiviral treated textiles, providing physical as well as structural protection. Anrealage have always been at the forefront of future fashion but these 3D pieces strike the balance between technical and impassioned design.