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Rough-edged, vintage and crafty

Mon 24 Feb

What’s life like inside a crayon box? Crowded, for sure, but also drenched in delicious colour just like this collection of reworked vintage clothing and vividly patterned, eco-friendly pieces just waiting to be layered. In the bohemian spirit of this collection, handmade pottery and thick Turkish rugs were also part of the mix.

Established in 2018 by Marni veterans Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers, the brand taps into a network of regular collaborators and project partners. This season, the team worked with Colombian women on the woven bags and with Turkish rug makers, the latter of whom created the shaggy sweaters that hung on the racks in the brand’s presentation space near Piazza San Babila.

Fall was a combination of rough-edged, vintage and crafty, with relined, reconditioned trenches hanging alongside blanket coats and floor-length British football scarves made from a patchwork of stripes. Cardigans were twisted around and buttoned up on both sides of the body, while long silk dresses were twisted or somehow distorted.