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The brand launched as “ANREALAGE” in 2003. ANREALAGE is a combination of the words “REAL”, “UNREAL” and “AGE”. In 2005, we presented their first collection for Tokyo Fashion Week at the Tokyo Tower, and won the GEN ART 2005 Avant-garde prize for young designers in New York. After the 10 years of collection in Tokyo, we started presenting at Paris Fashion Week from 2014. in 2015, we were selected as finalist for the「ANDAM FASHION AWARD」in France. In 2017, he held the “A LIGHT UN LIGHT” exhibition in Japan as well as the traveling exhibition JAPAN HOUSE in LA and Sao Paulo, and also participated in exhibitions at the Pompidou Center Metz, Rothschild Museum and Mori Art Museum. In 2019, we were selected as finalist for the LVMH Prize in France, and won the 37th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix in the same year. This year, we presented collaboration collection with Fendi from Italy for Milano Fashion Week. We also designed official uniform for Expo 2020 Dubai starting from 2021.